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H. Weeds Having Simple, Alternate (or Rosette), Toothed Leaves

Flowers pink with long inferior ovaries... Beeblossom (Gaura angustifolia)

Plant with milky sap... see "Category L - Weeds with milky sap"

Leaves painfully spiny ... Purple Thistle (Cirsium horridulum)

Serrate (teeth oriented toward leaf tip like a sawblade):

If some or all of the leaves are compound, see... Beggarticks (Bidens alba)

If the crushed leaves emit a strong "chemical" odor... Mexican Tea (Chenopodium ambrosioides); consider also Peppergrass, (Lepidium virginicum)

Plant with tiny white 4-petalled flowers and round flat fruits 1/8" in diameter, leaves smelly when crushed... Peppergrass (Lepidium virginicum)

Leaves all in a basal cluster, with widely spaced teeth; flowers green in a vertical green wand ... Plantain (Plantago virginica)

Rosette with irregularly toothed leaves, but the plant rising to 4' tall with the stem leaves narrow and not toothed; plant parts with conspicuous long stiff hairs... Canadian Horseweed (Conyza candensis)

Flowers lilac; leaves with long-tapered bases... Little Ironweed (Cyanthilfium cinereum)

Flowers yellow:

Flowers sessile or nearly so; leaves hairless or nearly so... Wireweed (sida ulmifolia)

Flowers sessile or nearly so; leaves very fuzzy... Heartleaf Sida (Sida cordifolia)

Flowers on wire-like stems 1-2" long... lndian Hemp (Sida rhombifolia)

Dentate (teeth point straight out) or spiny or irregularly Lobed:

Plants sprawling in moist places; leaves with notched base, the teeth shallow... Asiatic Pennywort (Centella asiatica)

Plants < 1' tall; leaves deeply and irregularly lobed, pungent when crushed; flowers tiny with 4 white petals; pods long like miniature green beans... Pennsylvania Bittercress (Cardamine pensylvanica)

Plants to 2' tall; leaf bases wrap around stem; flower heads red or lilac... Tassel Flowers (Emilia fosbergii (red) and E. sonchifolia (lilac)

Plants to 3' tall, with mealy white powder on young growth; flowers green in congested clusters... Lambs Quarters (Chenopodium album)

Plants to 2' tall. Flowers yellow, resembling dandelion flower but numerous; basal leaves irregularly lobed and narrowed toward the base... Asiatic Hawksbeard (Youngia japonica)

Very common weed having leaves with large, irregular lobes and teeth, the stems rising to 4' tall from a rosette; flower heads mostly white with a long cylindric vaselike involucre of phyllaries (green base to the flower heads)... Burnweed (Erechtites hieraciifolius)

Plants < 18" tall; petals yellowish, the sepals forming a husk around the flower base and around the fruit... Husk Tomato. There are several species of Physalis in Florida. Physalis walteri and P. angustifiolia have stellate trichomes, P. walteri throughout, and P. angustifolia glabrous except on the sepals. The other species have simple trichomes. Physalis angulata has sharp teeth on the leaves. Physalis pubescens and P. arenicola have similar pubescent leaves with irregular lobes and blunt teeth; the former has dark spots on the flower, and the latter has flowers with no dark spots. There are additional species but not likely encountered as weeds, esp. in South Florida.



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