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Drymaria cordata


Drymaria cordata

dry-mar-EE-ah cord-AY-tah



Native to: Tropical America, now around the globe


Florida abundance and distribution: Common turf weed throughout the state.  Prominent in the winter,  shade-tolerant, and fond of moisture


Recognition:   Creeping turf weed with opposite more or less orbicular sessile  or nearly sessile leaves; flowers small, white,  with 5 petals, each of these split to give the impression of 10 petals, on stalks rising to about a foot tall.  Fruits burr-like due to persistent “Velcro” calyx, sticking to fabric.


Potentially confused species:  Chickweed (Stellaria media) is related and similar but has fuzzy leaves on well developed petioles.  Pony’s foot (Dichondra caroliniana) has alternate (vs. opposite) more-cordate leaves with deep basal notches on well developed petioles.


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