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The book is a non-profit product of the Palm Beach State College Horticulture Department. All sales revenue supports this ongoing project.  

This third printing is a revised and expanded version of the original 2009 and 2011 second printing. The book has increased to 494 pages, is hardcover and includes a handy pull-out abbreviation key bookmark for even faster research! New for the third printing is a handy glossary of terms and useful tips section that offers an easy translation of technical terms.


The diversity of cultivated plants gracing the South Florida landscape is bewildering. Hundreds of species are "commonly cultivated." The staff and students of the Palm Beach State College Horticulture Program sort out the cultivated flora with information on uses, horticultural characteristics, identifications, and pronunciations.


Landscape Plants for South Florida includes native and exotic species organized under their plant families, with color photographs of the vast majority. Our goal has been to assemble "everything you need to know" about plant species for subtropical landscaping. If your thumb is green or if you would like it to be, this book should be at your elbow during garden planning.


ISBN-10: 0615293581   ISBN-13: 978-0-615-29358-5

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